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Recruitment Drive

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Recruitment Drive

Post  Treste on Wed 05 Jan 2011, 6:27 am

Greetings all....and Happy New Year! I have been quite busy through the Holidays and as a result was a bit neglectful of my Ceres related plans, I apologize for this. During the next few weeks I would like to emphasize Ceres' recruitment as a major focal point of guild business. We currently have over 80 open spots so no need to be conservative in our recruitment, discernment on the other hand shall be the key to expanding our family without causing unnecessary growing pains. At this point we have a level 80 requirement to join our faction, I have stated a number of times already the reasoning behind this minimum level requirement, but allow me to reiterate the point once again: a level differential that is too great creates tension between members, as lowers cannot participate in the same events, dungeons and level of pk. That is all. It is not done in order to exclude anyone, simply to be fair to all of our faction members. We do however have a feeder guild, Insanity, which is ready to accept friendly and active members below our level requirement(I believe they are currently 40+) if u have friends or your own alts interested in Ceres membership, but below the level req., contact SecretAngelz or Grim_ for info about joining Insanity. Within Ceres I am looking to recruit very active players who are respectful of both our members and our rules. 2011 will be a benchmark year for Ceres as a guild and we should be looking forward to becoming a powerful and respected guild on our server. I would very much like to expand our influence and increase the prestige of the guild through developing our individual and team based pvp capabilities, ie., competing in TW and other events in the coming months. In order for us to be competitive we need to focus strongly on leveling our membership, gearing heavily and perfecting our pvp skills. Other than level requirement I want to make one further requirement for membership, the player must be approved by a Marshall or higher officer to join. We have a number of Officer positions available so please pm me in game if you are interested in serving as an officer.

In that vein, I will explain a bit about what I want from officers. Officers should be very helpful, friendly, active and knowledgeable about the game. Officers serve the guild, that is their job. They should be willing to help with a variety of aspects of game play from interpersonal issues to answering questions and gathering information about game mechanics to assisting other members with pve and pvp troubles. I want self-starters, people to get HH and Frost runs together, to organize pvp training sessions or pk hunting parties and people who know what they are good at and want to share that with others. Create your own niche. If you love pk, maybe you should be our PK Marshall, on call and ready to defend our members in times of need. If your a dungeon pro, you could lead our farming operations and organize parties to farm members gear or build up the guild bank cache. Whatever it is you love about the game, that is where you can best serve yourself and others by focusing upon. So please feel free to pm me in-game to discuss how you can expand your role within our guild. We really need to work together to achieve our goals and I need your help to make Ceres the best it can be. Very Happy

I personally want to do a lot more in this game, there are so many aspects that I have only just begun to explore and discover. I continue to play this game because of the personal relationships that I have developed, so many good people have come into my life through this game and I want to give back something back to all of you who have made my experience richer and my time more enjoyable. Love you all, see you in-game!

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